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Back With a New Project

2017-05-25 11:41:33 by PloxBot

Worked on my first game composition project. It's an NSFW hentai game(and it's pretty hot).

you can watch it here! Huge thanks to HayleyPetHarley for letting me in on the project.

First Voice Acting Job

2013-01-04 22:31:09 by PloxBot

Finally did my first voice acting job! Big ups to ExtremeFudgeMaster for casting me and his awesome animation; thanks!

You can watch it here

Voice Actor

2012-12-27 10:45:51 by PloxBot

Hey all! I'm new to Newgrounds and I would like to throw my hat into the voice acting arena. I've always liked the idea of voice acting and think it could be a really huge step in the right direction for what I want to do, which is become a radio DJ!